Protein-Vegetable Diet Lose Weight and It Won’t Return

Image Source: The idea of the protein-vegetable diet lies in full avoidance of sweet and starchy products, as well as reducing the amount of fats that you consume. When you are following this diet, you cannot eat the following products: beets, carrots, apricots, bananas, potatoes, corns, legumes, floury products and sweets. As well as

Best Beauty Procedures for Winter

Image Source: Winter is not a reason to stop caring for your body. On the contrary, there are some procedures that when performed in winter, give a greater result. Honey massage Honey massage is a very popular way of getting rid of cellulite. The idea is in healthy properties of honey on the skin

Walnuts Protect from Diabetes

Image Source: Walnuts reduce the risk of developing diabetes II almost quarter times if you consume them 2-3 times per week. It was concluded by researchers at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. The study by Harvard researchers, in which took part over 140,000 American women, proved the healing properties of walnuts. Walnuts have